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Idrisfall-OCT-Scrap and Sonar by Mil-The-Windmill Idrisfall-OCT-Scrap and Sonar by Mil-The-Windmill
Scranton Cortez

Nicknames: Scrap, Scrappy

Personality: Very much one the craziest guy you could ever meet, in the David Tenant Doctor Who sense, so he is crazy... in a sane way (If that makes sense XD). At times he can be quite arrogant and thinks he can win just because he has a huge mech and all that. But he can be a fun friendly guy if you get to know him.

Bio: Local resident of the small mining town of Stemore just about near the border between Everende and Eodrith. He along with his buddy Sonar work in the caves as mining mechanics who fixed whatever problem there was to any of the drilling machines under the supervision of his ex-girlfriend Kenya Stripes whom after their break up seems to owe a lot of favors to. One of which being a huge debt for Kenya helping to pay for their train tickets and other expenses for Idrisfall after giving them a decree she received. So Scrap thankfully had started a little garage project which he has been working on for months and with the help of Sonar, was able to complete just in time for them to go to Idrisfall and win the royal status of right-hand man!

-Pretty good Mechanic
-Sharp Teeth
-Has slight vision in the dark

-Capable of fixing things with his mechanical expertise
-Teeth capable of breaking bones (No joking look it up)
-Goggles can block anything that can get in his eyes
-Loyal and wont leave a friend behind
-Can speak Spanish

-Can literally "ROFL" if you tell him a very funny and clever joke
-Probably smokes to much
-Over confident
-His crazy actions can result in chaos
-Cant understand Sonar's French and sometimes goes "Spanglish" were almost no one can understand

Sonar Pitch

Personality: Pretty much just a nice guy. Sonar wouldn't want to pick a fight with anyone. He is more calm and manages to restrain himself especially when Scrap goes crazy sometimes. With his kindness comes sort of a price as he is easy to fool if you act friendly towards him.

Bio: An orphan boy whom was adopted to a mining family in Stemore. There he met Scrap as a young lad and since then has almost never been seen without him. He looks up to Scrap as an older brother in a way despite being raised in a family with three siblings. Later on as the two worked in the mines till one day after work and the two left for a bar. He happened to meet a nice sweet bat girl who was living there for a with some relatives. The two hit it off pretty good and soon enough became a couple. For about 2 years they were together as just a couple till Sonar felt they should be more that just that... only there was a big problem the day he got on his knees and proposed.... she was of royal blood. She had to explain it to him as he was on his knees in total shock and quickly left in total guilt. Sonar was heartbroken and was a total wreck. He felt heartbroken until Scrap mentioned the decree he got to give him a light of hope. So Sonar helped with Scraps project and together their entering so Sonar can get another chance with his love Adrienne Lefebrre.

-Also a good mechanic but is more of an assistant to Scrap
-Echo location

-Echo location helps to see in the dark
-Is capable of flight but its more like gliding
-Loyal to friends like Scrap
-Can speak French

-Loud noises hurts his ears. An example of such a noise would be nails scratching on a chalkboard
-Cant see very well in bright light hence he wears the blindfold as a means of darkening his sight
-Wings are fragile and can be easily cut by a sword or a knife
-Cant comprehend Scraps Spanish

Relationship: The two of them were raised in the same town and have been the best of friends for as long as they can remember. They're practically brothers in a sense! Not to say they do have their quarrels every once in a while. Ex: Sonar tries to prevent Scrap from smoking, Scrap keeps calling his journal a diary and makes fun of him whenever he Sonar has one of his daydreaming moments.
Extra notes:
-In my comics, the style I draw them with has changed as I did this before I started to take some anatomy lessons so it might not exactly match how its like for the ref sheet just so you know
-Scraps ancestry is Spanish :iconspanishflagplz: that is... the Idrisfall universe equivalent of Spain
-Sonars ancestry is the Idrisfall universe equivalent of France :iconfrenchflagplz:
-Scraps theme song is "Off The Grid" by Abney Park
-Sonars theme song is.... undecided.... suggestions would be nice :'D
3/10/12 Revising Sonars backstory and shi-
5/13/12 I changed family to three to three siblings as I originally intended
Any questions? Just ask!

Characters (c) :iconmilartist425:

Idrisfall (c) :iconzykrinnox:
Tigerach Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL suddenly I notice the fistpound

I laughed rediculously hard at that.

Probably because I'm mostly caffiene at this point. XDD
Mil-The-Windmill Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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